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Tool Organizer

Helps to organize all existing tools in a workshop. Tool-O is the easiest solution to be used at OEMs Dealership to manage different aspects related to existing tools at the workshop, as well as new tools required to be exist there.

Cloud Solution

Tool-O is purely a cloud based application that extends the advantages of the system ...


Index Module

It is a module where all information about tools is available. It is like a dictionary and reference to explain the usage of the tool and it needs to be used. This module is a catalogue, which can be sold separately.

Inventory Module

The Workshop has to upload for the first time all information regarding the tool in a specific format available in the Software. Then every time a new tool exists then it has to be entered in the database by the user. In this module the workshop manager has a user name and password to enter and update the status of the tool inside his workshop.

Launch Module

For each single new vehicle in the market, there are some new tool which are not existing yet at the workshop. OEM asks their dealers to have such tools in their workshop, so that they be allowed to sell this new vehicle. OEM get the information of the new tools from the suppliers and provide them in the template.

Order Module

It is an E-Commerce module allows the workshop to order all missed tools from the distributors.

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