Virtual/Augmented Reality Applications

Livares offers complete Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions by DevOps and delivers innovative, customer-oriented and integrated technologies for automobile industries in order to inspire our customers and dealers.

Enterprise Solutions

Livares offers most comprehensive Enterprise Application services portfolio, with strong capabilities in the leading applications. From small and midsize businesses to large global enterprises, Livares can provide you with a tailored service plan.

Our service range includes

  • Package selection advisory , Global Roll outs, Implementation, Development and Testing, Upgrade, Integration, Support and Maintenance, Training and Technology support and BPO.
  • Customized services include setting up of multiple ERP support centers, migration from one ERP to another, sun setting of ERP, reimplementation etc.


Livares offers a whole PTI solution including all different tests, starting from Braking tester, Side Slip tester, Suspension test, gas analyzer, Headlight Tester, etc.

AR For Training

Technicians in the workshops, students in the college can use the app to get information about different parts of the vehicle either under the hood or inside the car.

AR For Repairing

AR app gives step by step instructions accompanied with pictures to inform the technician in the workshop (or even vehicle’s owner) how to fix vehicle’s damages

VR/AR For Marketing

Showing the vehicle and accessories to the customers to give them an impression about the looks and feel of all available combinations of vehicle or accessory

VR/AR User Manuals

Each vehicle has a user manual with instructions to educate the user about the vehicle, their functions and operations. AR apps can replace this user manual.


To become a top player in the Automobile Technology segment, create more employment, reputed for making the world a better place through innovation and unflappable work ethic. We have dedicated ourselves to the cause of creating quality software and providing world class services to our customers. We are always improving our skills & processes and keeping mindful of the latest software technology trends, in order to help our clients convert their various business processes into profitable business models. Our commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart in the IT services industry.

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